10 Top Clearwater Mold Removal Companies

David J. Allen

I spent the better part of 2 ½ years learning about mold and indoor air quality because my child's life depended on it. Now I help others avoid ever having to experience the same thing. The mold industry suffers from conflicting opinions and I do my best to distill loads of data into something practical and useful. I love hearing from and helping readers. • "A house desecrated by mildew, mold, or fungus would be a defiled place to live in, so drastic measures had to be taken." — Leviticus 14:45

Choosing one of the best mold remediation companies in Clearwater or elsewhere can be tricky because unlike cheaper or more common services that you can try out a bunch of or even test beforehand, you’ll typically only ever work with one mold remediator.

That means that to find “the best” mold remediator for your home or office, you’ll have to rely on others’ experiences, a company’s licensing information, any complaints that have been shared by others, and at least a basic knowledge of the mold remediation industry (and its common flaws), which most people don’t have the time to become fully familiar with.

This information will hopefully help you to choose a great mold company for your mold removal, remediation, or testing.

About Our List

Customer reviews on multiple platforms form the basis of our list.

Licensing and certification information, such as with NORMI and the IICRC, are also top-tier rating factors.

Reviewing photographs and descriptions of a company’s work was also done whenever possible.

We’re Honest. We May Not be Perfect.

  • Properly assessing and ranking the best companies in any industry, including mold remediation, is difficult and often subjective. We may be wrong, but we’ve given it our best and most honest attempt, and more importantly, have provided the raw data behind our conclusions.
  • Mold remediation companies can not and did not pay to be included on this list, nor to influence their final position on it. If you operate a company you feel should be on this list, please inform us.
  • The quality of mold remediation companies not listed here is not in dispute.

If you have experience with one of these companies, your review could help others choose a reliable remediation company.

Best Mold Removal, Remediation, and Testing Companies in Clearwater

According to our criteria—which looked at hundreds of customer reviews across most major ratings platform, as well as licensing and professional certifications—here are 10 of the best mold remediation companies in Florida serving the Clearwater and Tampa Bay area.

As mentioned, we looked at ratings, reviews, results, certification, insurance, employees, and management.

Boxed charts below show a summary overview, please follow links to read full profiles, and to see the raw data on which we’ve based our rankings.

Top 10 Best Mold Removal Companies in Clearwater, FL

1. Mold Solutions

1 Mold Solutions Clearwater Florida Logo
More details +

Mold Solutions

Mold Solutions is an IICRC and NORMI-certified health-centric mold remediation firm located in Clearwater, Florida, and serving the Tampa Bay area. Throughout 2023, Mold Solutions has remained among the area’s highest-rated mold removal companies by customers. Based on these customer reviews, Mold Solutions is statistically the highest-rated mold remediation company in the Clearwater area. Mold Solutions is family owned and operated and was founded after its owners’ infant child experienced first-hands the health effects of mold—and the benefits of proper mold remediation not based merely on “fogging.”

2. Mold Masters

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Mold Masters

Mold Masters is a multilocation mold testing/assessment, and mold removal/remediation firm serving North, South, and Central Florida. The company has three locations across the state. Its owners are state-licensed and NORMI certified. The company is highly-rated by customers on most major ratings platforms, and is included on lists of the area’s best mold remediation companies by two evidently industry-independent publishers (Mold-Advisor.com, and Expertise.com)    

3. Mold Doctor Pro

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Mold Doctor Pro

Mold Doctor Pro is a mold inspection, mold testing, and mold prevention company located in Clearwater, Florida. Business owner Corey Campbell is a NORMI-Certified Mold Assessor. The company serves the Tampa Bay area, including Clearwater, Tampa and South Tampa, St. Petersburg, Dunedin, Largo, and Palm Harbor, Florida.

4. Mold Zero

More details +

Mold Zero

Mold Zero is a mold removal and remediation firm located in Largo, Florida and serving the Tampa Bay Area. Customers rate the company an average of between roughly 4.2 and 5 stars on each of the three most relevant consumer rating platforms (Google, Yelp, and Home Advisor, accessed March 2023). In 2021, the company ranked 337 on the Inc. 5000 list. In 2022, Mold-Advisor.com rated Mold Zero as among the city’s top five best mold remediation firms. Mold Zero has a related office/establishment in San Marino, California.

5. Disaster Recovery Pros

Disaster Recovery Pros is ranked among the Top 5 local mold remediation companies by MoldAdvisor.com.1Mold-Advisor.com; “5 Best Mold Removal, Remediation and Testing Companies in Clearwater, Florida Rated 3 out of 5 stars on Yelp.com based on 9 reviews.2Yelp.com, ”Best Mold Removal near me in Clearwater, Florida,” Accessed 5 Mar. 2023

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars based on 115 Google reviews.3Google.com, Disaster Recovery Pros, Accessed Mar 14, 2023

DisasterRecoveryPros.com •  (727) 330-2340611 S Ft Harrison Ave #149, Clearwater

6. SERVPRO of Largo

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars based on 115 Google reviews. SERVPRO operates on a franchise model, and this location is independently owned and operated.

ServPro.com •  (727) 474-49921569 South Missouri Ave, Clearwater

7. Bay Coast Restoration

Rated 5 out of 5 stars based on 34 Google reviews. Top reported qualities include professionalism (57%), rapidly responsive/punctual (54%), high quality (51%) and good/agreeable pricing (42%).4Google reviews. Accessed Mar 14, 2023

Bay Coast Restoration is a BBB Accredited Business, rated A+ with four years in business.5Better Business Bureau, ‘Bay Coast Restoration LLC,’ Accessed Mar 14, 2023 Bay Coast Restoration LLC provides water and fire damage restoration services including mold and mildew remediation, odor removal, fire and smoke damage restoration, storm damage recovery, and more.

BayCoastRestoration.com •  (813) 850-90671421 S Betty Ln, Clearwater

8. The Mold Girl of Clearwater

Rated 5 out of 5 stars based on 26 Google reviews. No reviews so far on an unclaimed Yelp profile [created June 2022]. Mold Testing only, does not do mold remediation. (Note: Due to the address of this business, we’re unclear about its facilities and whether it outsources work or not, but have included it here due to its high praise and good reviews by past customers.)

According to an October 2022 press release,6Digital Journal, “The Mold Girl of Clearwater Explains Its Services to Clearwater Residents,” Published Oct. 3, 2022 The Mold Girl of Clearwater is a woman-owned company of council-certified Indoor Environmental consultants that handle mold inspections and testing to determine the cause of clients’ indoor air quality problems.

TheMoldGirlofClearwater.com •  (727) 626-5331974 Park St, Apt 318, Clearwater

9. Complete Remediation Services

Rated 5 out of 5 stars based on 60 Google reviews. The company describes itself as “a seasoned water damage repair company with over 20 years of experience.”7Company website, accessed Mar. 14, 2023

Website •  (800) 866-73951150 Cleveland Street, #402-B, Clearwater

10. Lakeside Restoration

Lakeside Restoration & Reconstruction, Clearwater Mold Remediation Company, May 2023

Rated 5 out of 5 stars based on 15 Google reviews.

Lakeside247.com •  (800) 866-73951649 S Missouri Ave, Clearwater

Summary Table of 10 of Clearwater’s Best Mold Companies

1. Mold Solutions5.071NORMI [14687], IICRC
2. Mold Masters5.065
3. Mold Doctor Pro5.086NORMI [21677]
4. Mold Zero4.9206
5. Disaster Recovery Pros4.9115NORMI [14427]
6. SERVPRO of Largo4.8134
7. Bay Coast Restoration5.034NORMI [14631] IICRC [262124]
8. The Mold Girl5.026
9. Complete Remediation Services5.060
10. Lakeside Restoration5.015

Mold in Clearwater, Fl

Florida is considered to be among the moldiest states in America, and the 2nd worst state to live in if you’re sensitive to mold.8HomeAdvisor.com,”The Top 10 Worst States for Mold,” accessed Mar 6, 2023 9LookMold.com, “The Top 5 Moldiest States To Live In.” Accessed Mar 6, 2023

Whether this is entirely accurate or not is immaterial.

Because if mold is affecting your home (or anywhere else you spend most of your day), whether in Florida, Texas, Alabama, or any other state, it needs to be addressed for the sake of your health, as well as that of your children.

Persistent humidity, constant rain, and a subtropical climate make mold growth a year-round concern for many of the residents in Clearwater.

Please do not underestimate the toll that mold can have on your own or your loved one’s physical health.

Mold can severely impact and even end the lives of persons who are sensitive to it—such as infants and the elderly, as well as people with certain preexisting conditions.

Since it is so often downplayed, it’s worth mentioning a recent, albeit very rare tragedy, which resulted from mold growth after Hurricane Ian.

A 26-year-old father with asthma perished after mold affected his Englewood, Fla. home when a pipe burst led to “out of control” mold growth.10WTSP.com, 10 Tampa Bay, “Englewood father dies after being exposed to toxic mold from Hurricane Ian,” Jan 3, 2023

Outside of Florida and other coastal states, the most common cause of significant mold problems in homes is undetected leaks—dripping pipes, bad grout in showers or around bathtubs, overflowing toilets.

Florida is… Different

But in Florida and other coastal states that are humid almost year round, something else causes the most common mold problems: Constant humidity. The air alone contains enough moisture for mold to grow without any liquid water ever being present.

That means in Florida, your home can become moldy even if you have no leaking pipes or bad grout and tiling jobs around your tub and shower.

Go on vacation and leave your Florida home unattended for 2-3 weeks, and you might return to a full-blown mold bloom from floor to ceiling.

“In hot, humid regions like Florida, there is always the potential for mold growth, even without a hurricane.”

The New York Times, “After the Storm, the Mold: Warming Is Worsening Another Costly Disaster,” Oct 4, 2022

That doesn’t mean broken pipes (or hurricanes and other major water intrusion events) aren’t a problem in Florida, but that the most common cause of mold is something you’re already unquestionably familiar with.

The same humidity that causes your body to sweat and feel uncomfortable, is also causing your home to sweat—even if the sweat is only there in the form of humidity and hasn’t reached the dew point.

Huh? Yeah, here’s what that means: Water exists in three distinct states:

  1. Liquid—what you can drink, or spot as dew drops on your windows, drinks/glasses, and inside of your air conditioning units.
  2. Solid—Ice, hail, or snow.
  3. Gas—Water vapor, not yet condensed into liquid water droplets.

Clearwater Remediation Company Requirements

Florida mold remediators are required to be licensed and registered with the state, so avoiding outright scams or terrible workmanship is easier here than elsewhere.11FloridaHealth.gov, Florida Department of Health, “Mold and Moisture,” Accessed Mar 6, 2023

Look for a licensed mold remediator whom you feel you can trust and, for best results, verify their membership with NORMI, the National Organization of Remediators and Mold Inspectors. (You can do so here.)12NormiPro.com, Search For NORMI Certified Professionals, Accessed Mar 5, 2023

And, even better, ensure they are IICRC certified: Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification. (You can do so here.)13IICRC Global Locator, Accessed Mar 5, 2023

Signs of Mold in a Florida Home

If you can’t tell whether you have an actual mold problem worth dealing with, here are several of the most common “symptoms” to look for or think about:

Damp or musky smells (wet sock, wet carpet smell).

A gym we go to is housed in a warehouse. After every rain, the place smells like a wet sock. There’s mold there, guaranteed. Between rains, the place has a chance to dry out a bit and the mold spores get at least partially diluted by fresh air. But that wet sock smell, or that damp and musky smell is a guarantee of mold. And it’s actually not the mold itself that causes the smell usually, but the mycotoxins the mold gives off. That smell is bad for your health. Please never sleep in a room that smells like this, if you can help it.

Signs of water damage: Water spots, peeling wallpaper, buckling baseboards.

If you see any of the following signs in a room, there either is mold there now, or there will be mold within as little as 24-48 hours.

  • Water stains on walls or ceilings. These stains look as though coffee was spilled on parts of the wall: A brown or yellow edge in some splotchy pattern.
  • Peeling wallpaper is a sign of water damage and mold. Wallpaper is already the single worst material you can use for any part of a home in Florida, but if it’s peeling or bubbling, I will bet good money on there being a major mold problem.
  • Buckling baseboards and walls. When water damage gets very bad, baseboards and walls start to buckle or warp. Another massive sign of a bad mold problem that should be treated immediately. Please do not try to treat this on your own, and I’m strongly suggesting that as someone who does not even offer (or sell) mold remediation services.

Water spots: Irregular colored patches on walls, ceilings.

When mold grows behind a surface, it can change the color on the face of that surface. Mold turns parts of a wall pink, green, brown, or black in often irregular splotches or patterns. You may see it as a small splotch of color, but it’s telling you there’s a much larger mold problem there.

Women in the home have hunches or health problems.

Mold can affect both men and women and cause mild to major health concerns, and in some cases, even death. But, long before the men in a home realize that there might be a mold problem, the women in the home start to have a hunch or feel strongly that something is wrong with the air in the home. There is an exact “technical” reason for this and there’s no politically correct way to put it. So, if the woman or women in your home suggest there might be a mold problem, please, please do something about it. Call a mold remediator.

(Mold testing kits, such as those available at HomeDepot, Walmart, or Amazon, are not advised for two reasons: 1) They have very limited accuracy, and 2) Their results are not admissible in a court of law. Please call someone who knows what to look for and how to test for and treat it.)

Poor air flow or bad air quality.

Bad air quality within a home may be a sign that mold, dust, pet dander, and hair have accumulated inside of a home’s air conditioning unit. If opening the windows during the day produces a feeling of freshness and gets rid of “stale air,” that may be another sign that your AC unit is dirty or contains mold in some part of it. Since ACs produce moisture and pull moisture out of the air, they can be a major source of hidden mold.

Trouble sleeping through the night.

Numerous people have shared their personal experiences of themselves or their young children not being able to sleep through the night when mold is present in a home or the home’s AC unit. Infants and toddlers are the most likely to be affected by mold in a home and if they are not sleeping soundly through the night, you may want to check for a mold problem.

Recent or prior flooding.

Flood water, whether from a storm or overflowing toilet, has to go somewhere and that somewhere is usually into the floorboards and walls of the flooded area. Your carpet or floor tile may feel dry to the touch, but please remember that the flood water did not just evaporate. It moved lower into the home. It soaked the flooring, floor joists, subfloor, and probably elsewhere. Unless you personally accounted for every gallon of water that flooded, it is unfortunate but accurate that that water is still there, and it’s more than enough water to grow a good sized mold colony.

Visible mold growth on walls, ceilings.

If you can see mold growing on the walls or ceiling, you very likely have a much deeper mold concern and should consider hiring a mold remediation company. Since mold typically starts growing in dark and damp areas of a home, by the time it has shown you its ugly mug on the face of your walls or ceiling, chances are there is a much deeper mold growth problem. If you were to tear out some of that sheetrock (please don’t do so on your own, or without PPE), you would most likely find that the interior wall cavity is a small forrest of toxic or allergenic mold.

Dust bunnies on air returns, dark fluff on air vents.

Since so much of our house dust is made up of organic material like dead skin cells, cat hair or pet dander, food particles, dry paint specs, and other similar items, mold tends to love it. The size of a dust particle and its ability to travel around the room easily are other reasons mold has a more or less natural affinity for dust. If you have visible dust bunnies or lint on your bathroom fan or the AC vents of your home, you may have a mold problem worth further looking into.14Break The Mold, By Dr. Jill Crista, 2018


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