Identify & Prevent

  • Mold Prevention Tips

    by David J. Allen

    Let’s face it: Nobody likes mold. It’s hard to be too mad at the pesky fungus, as it’s trying to live its life just like we are, but it’s never …

  • Where Does Mold Grow in a House?

    by David J. Allen

    As a general rule, the parts of the home that are most susceptible to mold growth will be the areas that are damp, warm, and dark. That said, there are …

  • Size of Mold Spores

    by David J. Allen

    Size of Mold Spores Mold spores range from 1 to 100 microns in diameter, but the bulk of mold spores are between 2 and 20 microns (U.S. EPA, MSUM, PLOS). …

  • Hygrometer for Mold

    by David J. Allen

    A hygrometer is a device that measures and displays the humidity level, or moisture content, within a room or environment. “Hygrometer” is derived from the Greek hygros, which means wet …

  • Does the Sun Kill Mold?

    by David J. Allen

    In Brief: Yes!: The sun kills mold and is one of the best ways to do so naturally without chemicals. Takes 1-3 Hours: Direct sun exposure should kill or damage …

  • What Color is Mold?

    by David J. Allen

    While black mold is the type of mold that people are most familiar with, the invasive fungus can actually grow in a variety of different colors. In fact, most mold …