Author: David J. Allen


12 Mind-Boggling Mold Facts

Most people research mold where there’s a problem or they’re experiencing negative symptoms associated with mold. However, mold is a

Mold Prevention Tips

Let’s face it: Nobody likes mold. It’s hard to be too mad at the pesky fungus, as it’s trying to

Texas Mold & Mildew

Howdy! Considering calling Texas home now or in the near future? Here are 10 need-to-know facts about mold and mildew

What Color is Mold?

While black mold is the type of mold that people are most familiar with, the invasive fungus can actually grow

Can you paint over mold?

Homeowners frequently want to know whether they can simply cover up their newly discovered mold problem with a fresh coat

Do Open Windows = Mold?

There’s no universally applicable answer when it comes to the effect that open windows have on mold growth, but in

Does Mold Grow on Metal?

The short answer is that yes, mold technically can grow on metal surfaces. While materials like steel, aluminum, and copper