DIY Mold Removal

  • How to Clean a Moldy Flag

    by David J. Allen

    Flags are one of the most sacred and revered physical symbols of the power and heritage of any country. They hold a unique place in the minds and hearts of …

  • ‘Kill’ Mold Without Bleach

    by David J. Allen

    The idea of “killing” mold is pretty popular, perhaps since it feels so great to beat something that might harm us and our family. And mold absolutely falls into that …

  • Does the Sun Kill Mold?

    by David J. Allen

    In Brief: Yes!: The sun kills mold and is one of the best ways to do so naturally without chemicals.Takes 1-3 Hours: Direct sun exposure should kill or damage mold …

  • What Color is Mold?

    by David J. Allen

    While black mold is the type of mold that people are most familiar with, the invasive fungus can actually grow in a variety of different colors. In fact, most mold …

  • Are Mold & Mildew the Same?

    by David J. Allen

    Whether mold and mildew are the same thing or two different things is one of the most conflicted questions in the mold industry. Many licensed mold professionals say mold and …

  • Is it Dust, Dirt, or Mold?

    by David J. Allen

    Sometimes, mold will be very easy to identify. For example, when you see a textured patch of dark green and black patterns on the wood beneath a sink in the …