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Mold Zero is a mold removal and remediation firm located in Largo, Florida and serving the Tampa Bay Area. Customers rate the company an average of between roughly 4.2 and 5 stars on each of the three most relevant consumer rating platforms (Google, Yelp, and Home Advisor, accessed March 2023). In 2021, the company ranked 337 on the Inc. 5000 list. In 2022, rated Mold Zero as among the city’s top five best mold remediation firms. Mold Zero has a related office/establishment in San Marino, California.

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About Mold Zero

Mold Zero is a mold removal and remediation firm founded between 2014 and 2017 by Rusty Tweed (Robert Russel Tweed), in Clearwater, Florida.

The company advertises a non-toxic approach to mold remediation and indoor air quality improvements, and shares that it uses a patented and EPA-registered dry fogging technology—”a highly effective mold elimination technology”—that is “99.99% effective against mold, bacteria and viruses.”

The fogging products used are “so safe” occupants can be back home on the day fogging is done, according to the firm’s website.

The related EPA registrations are numbers 52252-7, and 85556-2:

52252-7: Actril® Cold Sterilant, with hydrogen peroxide (1%) and peroxyacetic acid (0.08%) being the active ingredients, and 98.92 percent of ingredients being inert.

85556-2: Goldshield™ 75. “The active ingredient in Goldshield™ 75 is effective against odor causing bacteria, bacteria, which cause staining and discoloration, fungi (mold and mildew) and algae as a static agent,” the EPA notes, and, “Goldshield™ 75 can be used as a final bacteriostatic finish on the following items to impart bacteriostatic/fungistatic (mold and mildew) and algaestatic activity. ”

Mold Zero offers a 1-year guarantee on its mold remediation work.

Mold Zero Company Details

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Core Service

Mold Remediation / Removal


Indoor Air Quality, Mold Remediation, Mold Removal

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Cities served

Belleair, Clearwater, Dunedin, Largo, Palm Harbor, St. Pete, Tampa

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Dry Fogging, Kid and pet-friendly methods

Years in business

5 Years

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