Florida May Welcome Out-of-State Mold Pros with 10-yr Licenses, Other Reqs.

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A Florida House Bill will make it easier for mold professionals with out-of-state licensing to come in and operate in Florida, provided they meet certain requirements.

The Bill’s proposed revisions to existing statutes would make it easier for mold professionals who are properly licensed in other states to legally conduct mold assessment and remediation business in Florida, where needed or as contractors see fit and financially sound.

They could also mean that Florida’s existing 6,460 licensed mold professionals will be met with greater local competition.

Of the state’s more than 6,400 licensed mold professionals, 3,252 are mold assessors and 3,208 are remediators.1NBC 6 Miami, April 19, 2023, “Proposal Could Bring More Licensed Mold Specialists to Florida

Florida currently requires that mold testing and mold remediation on a single property or job be done by two different firms, to avoid conflicts of interest that could occur were a firm to exaggerate the threats posed by mold, oversell its own solution to mold as necessary or superior, or validate its own work post-mold-removal without third-party or independent testing.

These requirements won’t change, should the bill pass.

Florida is considered the moldiest state in the U.S. according to some mold professionals and insurance providers, while other experts list Texas as the moldiest and place Florida among the Top 10 moldiest states

If passed, Florida House Bill 869 will allow mold professionals from other states to operate in Florida providing they meet certain requirements.

“Has held a valid license to practice mold assessment or mold remediation issued by another state or territory of the United States for at least 10 years before the date of application. The application for licensure must be made either when the license in the other state or territory is active or within 2 years after such license was last active.”

Florida’s HB 869, proposes this addition to Subsection (3) of section 468.8414, of the Florida Statutes, among other changes.2Florida House Bill 869, FLSenate.gov The Bill has not yet passed.

Out-of-state mold assessors would have to have held a valid license in another state for 10 years, and pass an examination equivalent to Florida’s exam.

Florida’s current licensing requirements for mold assessors and mold remediation contractors helps prevent fraud or mold scams, such as can occur when “spray and pray” handymen come through after a hurricane or other natural disaster, hoping to capitalize on home owner’s needs.

Mold remediation is a lucrative line of work, but is one that has to be done properly.

HB 869 aims to retain existing quality control requirements for mold companies and safeguards for mold company clients, while making it slightly easier for out-of-state contractors to operate in Florida.


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