The Toxic Mold Podcast

The Toxic Mold Podcast is a weekly podcast by Wyoming mold mitigation contractor and mold consultant Steve Worsley. It’s an easy, not-overly-technical listen with shows of about 20 minutes long. Most are solo episodes, though special guests such as doctors have made appearances. It’s geared to homeowners and tenants and answers a wide variety of questions and concerns about how to detect mold, remove mold, and hire a mold inspector or mold remediator. Insurance and litigation are occasionally covered or commented on.
Steve Worsley, Owner, CNC Contractor Services.

The Toxic Mold Podcast

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Publisher: CNC Contractor Services.
Show Host(s): Steve Worsley, Owner, CNC Contractor Services.

About The Toxic Mold Podcast

The Toxic Mold Podcast is a weekly podcast by Wyoming mold mitigation contractor and mold consultant Steve Worsley.

Since its premiere on April 29, 2019, Worsley has aired 220 episodes, which average about 20 minutes in length and cover a wide, wide range of mold remediation and indoor air quality questions and concerns.

Worsley emphasizes that he is neither a doctor nor a microbiologist—experts who would be needed to diagnose mold-related illness, or to confirm the presence of mold on a property—but makes mold an easy to understand and interesting topic.

Each episode closes with a call to action, such as doing a seasonal home-readiness checklist, quickly inspecting one’s home’s attic, basement, or exterior, or to consider buying and using one of a couple of inexpensive devices, like water alarms or a hygrometer.

Worsley is the founder and owner of CNC Contractor Services, a mold remediation speciality company in Pinedale, Wyoming.

The Toxic Mold Podcast is one of the aspects of Worsley’s company that caters to a larger national audience, for whom he offers virtual property assessments, or “VPAs,” and other services.

Worsley is also the author of a series of books on mold, including The Mold Epidemic, Toxic Mold & My Old Home, and Inside Toxic Mold.

More than 14,000 students have taken one of Steve Worsley’s mold courses, available on

His course, “Is Toxic Mold Making Me Sick,” is offered free of charge.

Three others are roughly $15.00 per course: “DIY Home Inspection,” “DIY Mold Inspection,” and “Building a Mold-Resistant Home.”

Show Notes


The following notable names have appeared on The Toxic Mold Podcast:

  1. Dr. Terri Fox, founder, Boulder Holistic Medicine.


This is a great resource and show for the average homeowner or tenant concerned with or curious about mold.

Think black mold is killing you? Buying a new home? Trying to hire a mold pro without being swindled or scammed? Want to prevent a massive mold problem? You’ll appreciate this podcast.


The Toxic Mold Podcast is an easy listen covering many of the most important things you need to know about mold and your home.

Technical concepts are easily explained.

Worsley is clearly knowledgeable and experienced in both routine and very unusual mold problems.


“We have over 60,000 listens. That’s pretty good for a podcast for someone like me that’s just a blue collar kind of guy. My wife talked me into expanding CNC Contractor Services into more of a digital platform—that’s why we started doing this podcast. We do courses online, I offer digital packages, I do consultations….” Steve Worsley, Episode 200, The Toxic Mold Podcast, March 27, 2023.

In “Do Mold Foggers Really Work?,” Moldli editors quoted Worsley as 1 of 5 expert opinions on mold fogging. (Mar. 2023)

Our article “Hygrometer for Mold,” was informed by its author’s personal experience, as well as a number of book chapters and podcasts, including episodes of The Toxic Mold podcast. (Jul. 2022)

Mr. Worsley’s books and podcasts are among the core pieces of a large library of resources that our editors read, listen to, and learn from frequently, and we thank him for sharing his expertise. is not affiliated with or compensated by the authors, educators, or creators whose works we discuss. only publishes reviews or detailed commentary about works our editors have personally read, listened to, or otherwise used.


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