Manage Mold, The Podcast

The Manage Mold podcast was created and hosted by 35-year mold remediation expert Dean Mahlstedt. Its 24 episodes ran from September 2019 through February 2020. Despite no longer being actively published, many of the available episodes are still very well received today, and contain hidden gems and perspectives on mold, mold remediation, and mold illness that we’ve yet to hear anywhere else.
Manage Mold Podcast, Dean Mahlstedt, Pro Care Services, Inc.
Dean Mahlstedt, Owner, ProCare Services, Inc.

Manage Mold, The Podcast

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Publisher: ProCare Services, Inc.
Show Host(s): Dean Mahlstedt, Owner, ProCare Services, Inc.

About Manage Mold, The Podcast

Manage Mold was a mold podcast hosted by Minnesota mold remediation specialist Dean Mahlstedt, the founder and owner of Pro Care Services, Inc.

Twenty-four episodes aired in all from September 2019 – February 2020.

Episodes were comprehensive, easy to understand, and backed by both personal and professional experience.

The more you dive into the world of mold—and hopefully you’re never forced to do so too deeply—the more likely you are to run into claims of all types: Superior practices, all the right credentials, the best protocols, the best doctors, etc., etc.

What makes Mahlstedt’s experience so significant, and his podcast so important is this: He was a mold remediator and building cleaning expert by profession. Owned a very large and very successful company offering these services.

Yet, despite following the very protocols that were then and are still now widely considered sufficient and standard practice, his own home and family were greatly, greatly impacted by mold concerns at home.

[Mahlstedt is also not the only mold remediation expert to make these claims. Michael Rubino, author of The Mold Medic: An Expert’s Guide to Mold Removal (2020), shares strikingly similar concerns.]

As the personal opinion of this author, the Manage Mold podcast contains some of the very best episodes on mold ever published.

It’s a podcast we frequently come back to, and one that listeners to this day rank as one of the best mold podcasts available—despite its last episode being from more than three years ago.

“The Manage Mold podcast was made for families on a health journey that NEED the real, no-holds-barred answers on how to create—and ensure—a healthy home,” reads an introduction to the podcast.

“With more than 35-years in the industry, your host, Dean Mahlstedt will share how you can make your home the healthiest place for your family to be.

“Dean, along with his guests, who are industry experts in their respective fields, will be sharing the latest information on mold, mold remediation, water intrusion, and what it takes to make (and keep) a healthy home.”

Dean delivered on that goal.

We don’t know why the podcast was discontinued.

Mahlstedt continues the conversation here, in a two-part interview from September 2022:

Show Notes


Manage Mold shared the expertise and opinions of mold remediation specialist Dean Mahlstedt, as well as the personal stories of a couple of the people he helped.


One of the best podcasts for anyone who suspects their home might be moldy, or who wonders if they’re suffering from mold-related health issues.


On the Manage Mold podcast, Mahlstedt shares important concepts about mold that we’ve not heard anywhere else. Episodes are longer than average, but are interesting, info-packed, and well-delivered.

What seems to make the podcast so great is that Mahlstedt’s personal experience with mold, and actual expertise in mold come together to make great and very real points.

You’ll hear things on moisture, mold, and building materials here that you won’t find anywhere else. (We binge mold for breakfast.)


Manage Mold is a staff favorite and a definite part of the large library of resources  our editors read, listen to, and learn from frequently. Moldli editors rate Manage Mold as one of the best podcasts available on mold and we thank Mr. Mahlstedt for sharing his personal experiences and expertise so publicly. is not compensated by the authors, educators, or creators whose works we discuss. only publishes reviews or detailed commentary about works our editors have personally read, listened to, or otherwise used.


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