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by David J. Allen

Moldli is a publisher.

As a publisher, we research and write about all aspects of mold. We do not offer any direct-to-consumer services such as mold testing or mold remediation.

Our articles may provide a mutually beneficial opportunity for qualified mold remediators and other relevant specialists.

How qualified mold professionals can work with Moldli

Qualified mold professionals can work with Moldli in any or all of the following three ways:

  • 1. Contribute their expertise in full-length articles authored entirely by the mold professional.
  • 2. Contribute relevant information or quotations that Moldli can include (quote) in articles we write.
  • 3. Contribute photographs (and a brief explanation or caption for each of them) to Moldli’s Gallery. Photographs can depict mold on various surfaces, any part of standard mold testing, or mold remediation being performed according to protocol.

What experts should know before contributing to Moldli

  • Moldli does not pay for contributions.
  • Moldli will properly attribute all contributions to their original author, and will include industry-standard backlinks to the author’s website if their contributions are used in any way. (Full length articles received will be published in the original author’s name and may include the name, location, and contact information of the remediator/professional in their closing.)
  • Moldli will verify that a contributor is properly licensed before using his or her contributions.
  • Articles or quotations should be written by the contributing professional, not a writing service or marketing company. Our readers want to hear from experts.
  • We serve our readers (members of the public) first and foremost. Anything helpful to a mold-affected individual is helpful to our team.

What to contribute

Experts may contribute full-length articles to be published in their own name, or they may contribute several sentences or paragraphs of relevant information that can be included in the long-form articles produced by our team.

Contributions can cover any of the subjects seen at the bottom of this website (any aspect of mold).

How to contribute

Choose any aspect of mold about which you consider yourself an expert specialist, and about which you feel the public should be better informed.

Write your thoughts and suggestions on that in a few sentences, a few paragraphs, or an entire article if you choose to.

  • Debunk a mold myth
  • Clarify a common misconception
  • Share a common mold scam or dangerous practice the public should be alerted to
  • List the areas of a home, vehicle, or office that are most often affected by mold
  • Explain a classic or outstanding case of mold remediation your company recently did, with photographs.

Email the excerpt or article to hellomoldli[at]gmail.com, and let us know if you’d like to see the article in its final format before publication.

If you would like to contribute but are unsure of what to provide, send us your email address and what area(s) you feel most qualified to speak on. When we write about that subject, we’ll reach out to you.

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